How RIAs can improve the investor experience with customizable account dashboards

In the hyper-competitive financial services market, delivering an exceptional investor experience is the key to attracting and retaining clients. Registered investment advisors (RIAs) must ensure every interaction builds trust and confidence. The account performance data and insights RIAs have at their disposal can make the difference between investor satisfaction and disappointment.

Dashboards support a differentiated experience

Relaying the story behind the performance of an investor’s portfolio is not always as seamless as it should be. Information the RIA needs to share often resides in different reports. Instead of having a focused conversation with the client, they’re forced to continually pause and flip between different screens or papers to find what they’re looking for.

Account dashboards like those available with GreenHill’s ReportQuest performance reporting solution help RIAs deliver a differentiated investor experience. They enable advisors to confidently tell clients the best story possible by providing a bird’s eye view of account performance—and what’s driving that performance—within one screen. If there’s a need to dig deeper on a specific data point, additional reports can be accessed quickly and easily.

Because RIAs don’t need to search for information, they’re able to focus entirely on their clients. As a result, investors walk away with clear understanding of their financial picture and continued trust in their advisor.

Complete customization enables highly personalized service

Many investment reporting solutions provide dashboards and reports that are canned or don’t drill down to a granular level of detail. This “one size fits all” approach makes it extremely difficult to deliver the personalized service investors expect. Trust can be eroded if an investor asks questions that can’t be answered with the available information.

With ReportQuest, RIAs can meet the unique needs of each investor by customizing and configuring what’s displayed on every client’s account dashboard. A typical dashboard includes:

  • A performance summary
  • Portfolio composition
  • Top contributing securities for the latest quarter
  • Sectors by weight
  • Bond sector allocations

RIAs can configure or change this information on the fly for each investor. Data can be provided at a highly granular level so they can explain exactly how each security contributed to returns.

Dashboards can also be customized with company logos and colors, RIA contact information, and even custom commentary.

Account dashboards enable RIAs to assess portfolio performance and the drivers behind that performance at a glance.

Automation adds additional value

RIAs can further elevate the investor experience using ReportQuest’s automation functionality. All client dashboards—including each client’s unique customizations—can be automatically created and emailed. Automating the distribution of these customized report packages makes it easy for RIAs to provide investors with exactly what they need with very little time and effort.

To learn more about our customizable account performance dashboards and other investment performance reporting capabilities for RIAs, reach out today.