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Non-Profit Organizations

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    Enhanced Investment Reporting for Non-Profit Organizations

    GreenHill provides expert level investment reporting for non-profit organizations via an industry-leading investment reporting platform designed for the needs of diverse nonprofit organizations, including educational institutions, endowments, and foundations.

    Fully Customizable

    Tell the story your way with our fully-customizable reporting suite

    Professional Reporting

    Leverage professional, sophisticated reports

    Fast Analysis

    Keep donors up-to-date with detailed reporting and analysis

    Provide Transparency

    Provide transparency to all activities, fees, & investment performance

    GreenHill enables you to add branded performance sections to your monthly or quarterly reports.

    Choose from an array of features to select and configure the particular schedule that best addresses your reporting requirements. Data is visually displayed with options to include indices and investment objectives. Choose to show only the latest report period, control footnotes, and display segment dependent since inception returns.
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    Customizable Features Include:

    • View multi-level performance
    • Select time periods
    • Display all indices, primary only or suppress
    • Display or suppress investment objective returns
    • Display returns for total fund+unmanaged
    • Display total fund gross and net returns
    • Display segment dependent since inception returns
    • Select segment levels
    • Display additional graphs
    • Display asset mix policy allocation or range
    • Set maximum number of displayed segments
    • Control footnotes by category
    As a director working with a foundation or endowment, you need an accurate, complete, and up-to-date view of all activity so you can make informed decisions. However, creating and maintaining this view can be quite a challenge, especially when working with inadequate tools and limited staff. We remove that challenge by working closely with directors to take over the heavy lifting of data management, consolidation, reporting, and analysis. This lets you focus on your primary function of performing fiduciary duties and conveying performance to your donors.

    GreenHill Empowers You

    We specialize in helping nonprofits proactively monitor their philanthropic activity and keep donors apprised of all activities, administration, and investment performance details. We are known for our personalized approach, attention to detail, deep industry experience, and flexibility to customize reporting and analysis to each of our clients’ specific needs.

    Tell the Story Your Way

    Each of our clients gets their own, dedicated Customer Service Team Member who will audit and process data, answer your questions, monitor, and identify pending risks or opportunities, and take action when necessary to address any issues that might arise.

    Manage Decisions, Not Data

    Stop spending time manually maintaining endless spreadsheets and instead leverage real-time, customizable reports that instantly present fund performance the way you need to see it. Quickly explore timely investment information including performance measurement, that correlates directly to donor funds and cash flows.

    Capitalize on Opportunity

    By continually auditing and processing your data, our dedicated Customer Service Team member will have visibility and insight to take action to avoid risk, seize opportunity, and keep you aligned toward achieving your fiduciary goals.

    Maintain Compliance

    Leverage improved governance and guidance via our reporting and auditing functionality.

    Enhance Your Service

    Add expertise to assist your staff, compliance, and oversight on account administration, gifting, reporting, and donor communications.

    Strengthen Communication

    By sharing timely reporting that helps you more clearly communicate with staff, partners, and donors alike.

    GreenHill Makes Performance Personal

    We’ll become a trusted member of your team, working side-by-side with you to address your priorities, alleviate your workload, and provide the customized, in-depth reporting to keep you team and your donors up-to-date on philanthropic activity at all times.


    GreenHill Brings Investment Performance Reporting to Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego Donors

    Philanthropic foundation to enhance donor insight with best-in-class reporting on account activity, fee transparency, and investment performance.

    “Granting, gifting history, and investment performance are among the top details our donors seek when they access JCF Connect. They expect transparency to administrative items like fees, especially if fees have been bundled in the past. GreenHill enables us to deliver our donors timely investment information, including performance measurement, that correlates directly to their fund and cash flows.”

    Eli Landau, Director of Finance, JCF

    Our mission for endowments and non-profit organizations is to enable them to easily access a professional, insightful snapshot of their investment activity, supporting both the high-level analysis and drill-down exploration of financial data that provides answers and insight where needed.

    Harry Cubit, EVP Client Experience, GreenHill

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