Investment Reporting for
Wealth Managers

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    Enhanced Investment Reporting for Wealth Managers

    GreenHill enhances investment reporting for wealth managers by raising the professionalism and sophistication of your client reporting and analysis. Our browser-based platform provides investment performance reporting and analytics with the attention to detail and personalized service that allows wealth managers to tell your investment stories with confidence.

    Fully Customizable

    Tell the story your way with our fully-customizable reporting suite

    Professional Reporting

    Add professional, sophisticated reports to your offering

    Improve Outcomes

    Improve outcomes with detailed portfolio reporting and analysis

    Ensure Compliance

    Ensure compliance with proactive risk assessment

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    GreenHill Empowers You

    Professional Report Presentations

    GreenHill blends both style and readability into a pleasing, professional report that allows managers to compete with more sophisticated systems and win more business.

    Data Integrity

    While managers need trustworthy data to present accurate material to their clients, they lack the time required to perform the underlying detailed data validation necessary to achieve that level of trust. GreenHill’s experienced Customer Service Team works continuously with you to ensure data and report accuracy and enable you to present performance results with confidence.

    Customized and Flexible Reporting

    No two clients are the same. Each demands reporting with a specific look, data layout, and level of detail. GreenHill gives users the ability to customize each report to suit the needs of each client, configuring all elements like benchmarks, time periods, colors, and logos with ease.


    Managers need their data to be correct and up-to-date. GreenHill routinely exceeds expectations to provide you with the most timely reporting within the industry.

    Service and Expertise

    When questions arise about reports, data, or presentations, managers need to turn to an expert for quick answers. That’s why each GreenHill client is assigned a dedicated customer service representative who works closely with their data. Our U.S.-based expert team members have an average 15 years’ experience in the performance reporting industry.

    GreenHill Makes Performance Personal

    We’ll become a trusted member of your team, working side-by-side with you to address your priorities, alleviate your workload, and provide the customized, in-depth reporting you need to tell your investment story with confidence.

    You can always trust a GreenHill report.
    Jack Curran, EVP Sales, GreenHill

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