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    Enhanced Investment Reporting for RIAs

    GreenHill enhances the investment reporting for RIAs by empowering you to raise the professionalism and sophistication of your client reporting and analysis. Our browser-based platform provides investment performance reporting and analytics with the attention to detail and personalized service that allows advisors to tell your end clients’ investment stories with confidence.

    Fully Customizable

    Tell the story your way with our fully-customizable reporting suite

    Professional Reporting

    Add professional, sophisticated reports to your offering

    Improve Outcomes

    Improve outcomes with detailed portfolio reporting and analysis

    Ensure Compliance

    Ensure compliance with proactive risk assessment

    Deliver a Differentiated Investor Experience

    With ReportQuest, RIAs can meet the unique needs of each investor by customizing and configuring what’s displayed on every client’s account dashboard. A typical dashboard includes:
    • A performance summary
    • Portfolio composition
    • Top contributing securities for the latest quarter
    • Sectors by weight
    • Bond sector allocations
    RIAs can configure or change this information on the fly for each investor. Data can be provided at a highly granular level so they can explain exactly how each security contributed to returns. Dashboards can also be customized with company logos and colors, RIA contact information, and even custom commentary.

    GreenHill Empowers You

    See Everything In One Place

    Access dashboards to track performance at various levels of reporting, across all asset classes, all in one place. See across siloed asset classes with a single dashboard display for your client.

    Extend Your Portfolio Management System

    Complement your portfolio management system with reporting that enables you to dive into the details to deeper levels of reporting than offered by your current provider.

    Tailor Communications With Fully-Customizable Reports

    With GreenHill, you can build customized intelligent reports tailored to your firm's needs to support your end client's objectives. You and your clients can access reports easily and conveniently 24x7x365 with browser-based portfolio reporting, analytics, and dashboards.

    Integrate With Leading Custodial Systems

    GreenHill seamlessly integrates with leading custodial systems to provide data for consolidated reporting in one place. Our Customer Assistance Teams help ensure that your connections are up and running to support your reporting needs.

    Proactively Monitor Compliance Risk

    Ensure that your clients’ portfolios are meeting their investment guidelines by proactively identifying compliance risks, analyzing security contribution and attribution, and detecting concentration risks. Create customized benchmarks to measure portfolio performance and risk.

    Achieve Better Investment Outcomes For Your Clients

    Monitor your clients’ portfolios via customized, real time reporting to achieve better investment outcomes for your end customers.

    GreenHill Makes Performance Personal


    We’ll become a trusted member of your team, working side-by-side with you to address your priorities, alleviate your workload, and provide the customized, in-depth reporting you need to tell your investment story with confidence.

    Today’s investment advisors are facing increasing pressure to provide online access to real-time reporting and analysis that satisfies the needs of their tech-savvy client investors. GreenHill’s goal for RIAs is to easily provide a layer of professional, sophisticated reporting and analysis that draws from integrated custodian data to give investors a comprehensive view of their portfolios.
    Jack Curran, EVP Sales, GreenHill

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