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    ReportQuest for Investment Model Performance

    Investment model performance is invaluable for investors, as it provides a tool to help predict future returns and identify potential risks. By running simulations of different investment strategies and scenarios, investors can gain insights into what works best and identify potential pitfalls. It can also help investors monitor the performance of their portfolios, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

    GreenHill simplifies the tasks associated with calculating and presenting performance results for your investment models. No longer do you need to create a composite of accounts assigned to a model, try to find representative account without cash flows, create complex spreadsheets or use software that doesn’t accommodate your model parameters.

    Investment Model Performance Tools

    Specify any combination of mutual funds, ETFs or securities to construct your model.

    Designate when allocation changes occur.

    Determine frequency for rebalancing—annual, quarterly, monthly or only at time of allocation change.

    Provide annual percentage for investment management fees and posting schedule.

    Maintain historical data for components that are no longer active.

    Prepare Model Presentations

    Prepare Proposals

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