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    ReportQuest for Variance Analysis & Compliance Tools

    GreenHill provides management reporting tools that can be used to evaluate the consistency of account performance to benchmarks, performance targets, or amongst managed account groups. This process can help expose performance variations, group membership issues, such as composites or coding, and benchmarking issues.

    In detail, portfolio variance analysis involves analyzing the risk associated with a portfolio of investments—important for investors looking to gain insight into the overall risk of their investment portfolio and make decisions about how to allocate their capital. With it, investors can compare the expected return on a portfolio to the actual return on the portfolio over a given period of time and examine the risk associated with the portfolio and how that risk is distributed among the investments. By understanding portfolio variance, investors can better understand their portfolio and make decisions that increase their potential for returns while minimizing their risk.

    Compliance tools enable you to ensure that a portfolio is managed in accordance with a set of predetermined guidelines; and to monitor portfolios to ensure that the investments are in line with the predetermined criteria. This could include ensuring that the portfolio is diversified across asset classes, that the investments are in line with the client’s risk tolerance, and that the portfolio is rebalanced as needed. Compliance helps to ensure that the portfolio is managed in a responsible and ethical way, and that the client’s objectives are achieved. Compliance also helps to protect clients from potential fraud and other risks associated with investing.

    GreenHill’s ReportQuest delivers these capabilities to help you make smarter investment decisions.

    Parameters to Customize Your Variance Analysis Reporting

    Numerous options can factor into the calculation of variance and Z-Score figures.

    Choose from account group means, assigned benchmarks, selected indices, investment model returns, selected account returns or target return.

    Variance results may be calculated for the total account, selected segments or segment levels.

    Calculations can be performed for multiple time periods.

    Filters for Your Variance Analysis

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