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    ReportQuest for Performance Reporting

    Accurate and timely investment performance reporting is a critical part of successful investing. It allows investors to track the performance of their portfolios and assess the success of their investments over time. Without accurate and timely reporting, investors would struggle to accurately measure the success or failure of their investments, making it difficult to make informed decisions about their portfolio.

    With GreenHill as your independent performance measurement partner, you can leverage our expertise in preparing and presenting performance for your client’s investment accounts. The added objectivity of an independent third-party enhances the value of performance reports delivered to your clients. ReportQuest, our online client portal, provides resources for production reporting, ongoing maintenance and detailed performance research and analysis.

    Flexible and Comprehensive Performance Reporting

    Choose from a broad menu of tables and graphs to design performance presentations tailored to client situations.

    Schedules cover time and dollar weighted returns, asset growth, asset allocation and investment objective comparisons.

    Customize benchmark assignments and blend benchmarks at the total fund and segment levels.

    Organize and build client relationship and firm wide composites.

    Analyze risk, sector attribution and security level performance.

    Create a unique asset mapping scheme to provide performance for desired asset groups and sub-groups.

    Interactive Research and Reporting

    Our feature-rich online performance reporting solution streamlines the way you organize, analyze, and prepare your client investment reports.

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