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    Universe rankings, the ranking system used to compare the performance of financial investments, are based on a variety of factors including return on investment, risk tolerance, liquidity, and size. The universe rankings provide investors with an easy way to compare the performance of different investments. They also provide investors with an indicator of how a particular investment may fare in the future. The universe rankings are regularly updated to reflect current market conditions, as well as changes in the investment landscape. This ensures that investors remain up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the financial investment world.

    With GreenHill as your independent performance measurement partner, you can leverage our expertise in preparing and presenting performance for you client’s investment accounts. The added objectivity of an independent third-party enhances the value of performance reports delivered to your clients. ReportQuest, our online client portal, provides resources for production reporting, ongoing maintenance and detailed performance research and analysis.

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    Our universe rankings are typically used by investors to create a portfolio of investments that have a higher expected return than the market as a whole. They can be used to identify stocks with higher potential for returns or lower risk than the rest of the market. Investors may use them to identify stocks that are undervalued or are outperforming the market. They can also be used to identify stocks that may be overvalued or undervalued. By comparing the universe rankings of different stocks, investors can make an informed decision on which stocks to invest in, as well as determining a portfolio’s diversification and risk profile.

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    GreenHill takes a personal approach to investment performance reporting. You’ll never need to choose from limited options – we help you design your own options. We listen with the goal to provide each client the optimal tools for their investment reporting and analysis.


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