Investment Reporting for
Family Offices

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    Enhanced Investment Reporting for Family Offices

    GreenHill delivers enhanced investment reporting for family offices with professional, sophisticated browser-based reporting, dashboards and analysis. With robust integrations to leading custodians, we aggregate financial data into a single role-based reporting structure, enabling you to present investment summaries and detail to family members in the way they prefer.

    Fully Customizable

    Customize each report to suit your needs and the preferences of each family member

    Professional Reporting

    Leverage up-to-date reports that blend high level analysis and detailed drill-down exploration

    Secure Access

    Implement role-based access to control what information is available to each person

    Automated Reports

    Eliminate complicated, error-prone, and time-consuming manual spreadsheet management and reporting


    Slice views by unique preferences like time periods, sectors, or specific benchmarks

    Our goal for family offices is to bring an intuitive, professional reporting and presentation layer to their day-to-day operations to allow them to consolidate views of the family’s portfolio and provide role-based views on positions and performance to keep family members informed and confident in ongoing performance.

    Tony E., President
    Wealth Management Group, Jackson, MS

    GreenHill Empowers You

    One Consolidated View

    ​No more data silos. Seamlessly aggregate data and access dashboards across multiple platforms to track performance at various levels of reporting, across all asset classes whether managed or unmanaged, all in one place. See across siloed asset classes with a single dashboard display.

    Simplify & Streamline Complex Reporting Processes

    Access reports easily and conveniently 24x7x365 with browser-based portfolio reporting, analytics, and dashboards. Streamline how you manage, access, and reconcile your data to identify inconsistencies and resolve issues, from multi source information and eliminating manual spreadsheets and effort.

    Fully-Customizable Reports

    With GreenHill, you can build customized intelligent reports tailored to your needs to meet family preferences and goals. You and your clients can access reports easily and conveniently 24x7x365 with browser-based portfolio reporting, analytics, and dashboards.

    Consolidate and Integrate With Leading Bank, Brokerage, and Custodial Systems

    GreenHill seamlessly integrates with leading custodial systems and data providers to consolidate reporting all in one place. Our Customer Assistance Service Teams help ensure that the integrity of your data is pristine and your connections are up and running to support your reporting needs.

    GreenHill Makes Performance Personal

    We’ll become a trusted member of your team, working side-by-side with you to address your priorities, alleviate your workload, and provide the customized, in-depth reporting you need to tell your investment story with confidence.

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