Make Performance Personal

Why GreenHill?

GreenHill takes a personal approach to investment performance reporting. You’ll never need to choose from limited options – we help you design your own options. We listen with the goal to provide each client the optimal tools for your investment reporting and analysis.

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Dedicated to Service

When you partner with GreenHill, each client has a personal member of our Client Services Group who manages all aspects of the relationship. Your Account Manager is responsible for auditing and processing your data which gives them the knowledge to answer questions and support the entire performance reporting process. They are empowered to take action to address any issues that might arise, as well as adjustments to source data, when necessary. The familiarity of each Account Manager with client data and operational circumstances allow them to take a proactive approach to ensure data and reporting integrity.

Alliances and Data Interfaces

GreenHill partners with providers in the wealth management industry to integrate the collection of accounting data with the performance reporting process. We have and continue to develop processing routines linked to additional data sources. GreenHill can aggregate data from multiple data sources for report integration.

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Beyond the Tables and Graphs

The performance reporting process does not end with the reports. GreenHill offers in depth reporting and research tools that provide the details behind the numbers. We can suggest report modifications based on investment circumstances or client communication initiatives. We can serve as a compliance resource to analyze investment performance for consistency versus strategy goals. As an independent third party, GreenHill adds objectivity and enhances the value of your performance data.

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