Do You Need White-glove Service from Your Investment Reporting Partner?

As technology advances and people increasingly rely on tools like AI to provide quick analyses and rapid answers to any and all questions – both in their personal and professional lives – it makes sense to take a step back and ask if customer service really is important in today’s high-tech world. Do you really need white-glove service from your investment reporting partner, or are the most modern reports with the most accurate data all you need?

What Is White-glove Service?

White-glove treatment service is defined as “providing a very high level of service” and “marked by special care or attention,” but those definitions only scratch the surface. To truly deliver white-glove service, you have to go beyond what your clients expect. If you ask 50 people to define “special care and attention,” you will likely get 50 different explanations for what special care and attention means. Is it a monthly call, complimentary reports, or a holiday gift basket each December?

Additionally, every client of an investment reporting firm – independent trust companies, RIAs, non-profits, family offices, law firms, etc. – expects a very high level of service because they are providing a high level of service to their own clients. Good customer service is expected and simply considered the normal state of affairs.  

To truly deliver white-glove customer service, you have to exceed your clients’ expectations by prioritizing their needs and genuinely caring about their success. The key to providing white-glove service is being exceptional in your care, attention, and attitude toward customers. It is not something that can be faked; it comes from a genuine desire to partner with clients to enable their success and must be part of the investment reporting company’s core values.

Why You Need White-glove Customer Service

When you choose an investment reporting company, you will most likely begin by evaluating their reports. You have to ensure the reports they provide will work for you and your clients. 

At the same time, you also need to carefully evaluate how they are as a partner. Some investment reporting companies provide great reports, but they are not really invested in your success. You may be one of 1,000 clients, or your business may be too small to rate top-notch customer service. If that is the case, you need to know what will happen if you have questions about a report before an important client meeting. You need to understand how their customer support works and who will be available to help you with urgent questions.

Your success depends not just on the data in the reports, but on your ability to explain the reports, clearly share the information, and answer your clients’ questions. When you choose an investment reporting company, you want to make sure they are motivated to be a true partner with you and are completely invested in your success.

GreenHill Defines White-glove Customer Service

At GreenHill, our top priority is ensuring our clients’ success. We are committed to partnering with all our clients to deliver exactly the support they require, customized for each client based on current business needs. We don’t provide a list of customer service benefits – monthly reports, quarterly calls, etc. – and just work down a list to check a box. When you partner with GreenHill, you gain another member of your team committed to your success.

    Recent customer engagements include:
  • A financial advisor was preparing for a shareholder meeting and wanted to make sure they were correctly interpreting the financial reports GreenHill provided and presenting the information in the reports clearly and accurately. GreenHill met with the financial advisor to review the reports with them and listened while the advisor rehearsed their presentation, acting as a valued team member to ensure the advisor’s presentation was easy to follow and understand.
  • A different financial advisor was preparing for a family investor meeting at the end of the week, and they did not feel ready for the meeting. GreenHill worked with the advisor throughout the week to help them prepare for the meeting. The advisor rehearsed with the GreenHill team and was well prepared for the meeting by Friday.
  • One advisor asked for help preparing for a very important investor meeting. After spending two hours on a Zoom call reviewing the reports and helping the advisor prepare for the meeting, GreenHill offered to standby while the meeting was going on, ready to jump on a call, join the meeting, or provide additional information if support was required. On-call customer service was available to ensure the advisor’s success and make sure their client was comfortable with the reports and all the information provided.
  • Another advisor was surprised by some of the numbers in a report. The advisor was able to call GreenHill and walk through the entire report, reviewing all of the numbers to make the advisor more comfortable. The GreenHill team also reviewed how to explain the numbers to ensure the advisor could present the information in a way that would make sense to their client.

Conclusion: GreenHill Delivers the Customer Support You Need to Thrive

GreenHill helps wealth management companies focus on what they do best by becoming a trusted performance measurement partner, and GreenHill takes that trust and partnership very seriously. When GreenHill becomes your performance measurement partner, they become committed to your success, making sure to partner with you each step of the way – from data acquisition, to report generation, to presentations.

Partnering with GreenHill gives you confidence that your investment reporting is reliable, timely, and customized for your clients, and GreenHill will stand by you, whatever you need, to ensure your success.